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Paris Kennedy cheerfully taking off her garment and slowly trying to reveal what’s inside her red temptation colored bra. Deep within those hot clothes of hers is a sexy and horny body that’s full of sugar, spice and everything naughty.

A naughty shot of Paris Kennedy showing off her hot and sexy body. Breasts are beautifully resting on her chest. While feet are apart, the middle part is already leaking and crying out for some fun and hot-blooded pleasures. So come and get it boys!

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Making a man’s dick hot and hard, Paris Kennedy finds the pleasure spot in her new best friend. In and out she will while enjoying every moment of it. As she does her blowjob, her pussy screams to have some of it as well.

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Paris Kennedy is a California native born on May 26, 1982. She stands five foot five inches tall and weighs 114 pounds. Her breast size is 34D and has been enhanced with a boob job. She is currently still actively working in the adult industry and has her own website at

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Paris Kennedy sits and prepares for the fight of her life. Her hot body and yellow garments makes her a suitable opponent for her challenger. With that body of hers, who wouldn’t try and beat her up until she’s satisfied?

The red masked hot chic also prepares to give Paris Kennedy some ultimate beat downs. With a well toned body and skilled in the arts of grappling, she will surely dominate in the ring and make Paris Kennedy submit.

To give Paris Kennedy some pleasurable pain, the red masked hot chic locks her left arm while putting some pressure in it. To prevent Paris Kennedy from standing up, the red masked chic clips her abdomen nice and tight.

In order to add some more pain, the red masked hot chic sat on Paris Kennedy and locked her chin area to make her completely defenseless and preventing her to make any offensive maneuvers. Paris Kennedy finally submits to the red masked chic.

The red masked chic is not done with Paris Kennedy yet. As a winning price, she removed both their garments and forces Paris Kennedy to suck her artificial dick. The red masked hot chic makes a statement that she’s stronger and ultimately naughty.


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Paris Kennedy comforts her sad and broken friend in his house. While doing so, a lot of pleasurable ideas are already running in her naughty mind. She really knows how to make a man horny during his weakest times.

She really hits below the belt by grabbing her friend’s dick and give him one hell of a blowjob to poof his troubles away. There’s no backing out when she already has a hand on his long and hard dick.

Finally, he submits to her stress busting technique. A blowjob that really gets the job done. This is one of the best ways in removing tension that Paris Kennedy is good at. It really hit the spot but that’s not all what she had in mind.

She thought she had her under the palm of her hand but her friend wouldn’t submit to a horny girl that easily. She gets one heck of a fuck as his friend enters his big and strong dick straight in her pussy.

She actually wanted to make his friend 100% better afterwards so she had to be on top to do so. Paris Kennedy is a great friend who beyond doubt knows how to take care of the broken and down.

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Target sighted! Paris Kennedy was spotted and called by a man on a limo to invite her out on a thrilling ride of her life. There’s no saying “no” to a hot and wealthy man who rides on a limousine.

The camera will not stop Paris Kennedy from experiencing the excitement of riding on a limo. No sir! Even if it takes her to be recorded and forced to suck the hot and wealthy man’s long and hard dick.

Slowly she shows off her big boobs for the camera to see. It made her rich friend so horny and hungry to get a taste of Paris Kennedy. His dick is getting long and hard as he fantasized his dick rubbing her sexy and hot body.

She is asked, “What will you do if a rich guy forces you to suck his dick? She replies, “I don’t know. I just go with it, I guess.” She then grabs a hold of his rich friend’s solid dick.

Finally, her rich friend gets what he wants from Paris Kennedy. A million dollar blowjob of his life that’s worth every penny. She sucks long and hard to satisfy his needs. In turn, he will give a big amount of tip.


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Paris Kennedy calls her hot friend wearing a white and sexy garment to join her in meeting some friends in the park. She doesn’t have much to do so she replied with a big “yes” without any doubts in her mind.

Paris Kennedy arrives at her friend’s house and told her that her friends are already waiting at the park for them. She also tells her hot friend in white about the naughty agenda that would take place after they meet them.

Paris Kennedy, riding her hot friend’s car in style, went off to meet their other friends who were already waiting at the park. The driver’s killer smile can really make any person want to get a hold of her.


At last, they arrived and met with their other friends at the park .They greeted each other with a warm hello and some kisses on both cheeks. What are we waiting for? Let’s get this party on the road!

The agenda was specifically to make each friend naughty and horny. To do that, a foursome sex party was on the list. It made them all feel good both inside and outside. Surely, that is what friends are for!


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